Environmental Protection
To protect the environment, conserve natural resources and reduce emissions, our company primarily uses wastepaper as our raw material in paper production. UPP strictly complies with China’s environmental policies. We also go to great lengths to ensure that proper environmentally friendly administration is in place and vigorously promote clean and safe production. UPP also has an effluent treatment facility and thermal power station with desulphurization capabilities, so that waste water and pollutants are dealt with in accordance with both local and national emission standards.

In March 2009, we obtained approval from Shandong Provincial Environment Protection Department after the ‘Clean Production Performance’ review.
  Contributing to Society
“Helping the poor and contributing to society” are traditional Chinese virtues and is mark of progress in a civilized society. As an enterprise that holds such values in high regard, UPP has since its formation been actively supporting charitable activities, such as funding educational institutions development and disaster relief aid.

In 2010 and 2011, for 2 consecutive years we have been awarded the honorary title of “Advanced standing in supporting educational development” by the local government.
Caring for our People
UPP has always adhered to a people-oriented management philosophy, with the aim to provide our staff with a safe and comfortable working environment.

Apart from offering our people a safe working environment, we also provide free dormitory lodging for our employees that comes fully equipped with both recreational and fitness facilities. Team-building activities are also frequently organized, such as, ping-pong tournaments, basketball competitions, work competency exercise, annual dinner function etc. All in the spirit of fostering togetherness and enriching our peoples’ lives.

In March 2010, we obtained “Safe Workplace” certification from Zaozhuang City Workplace Safety Inspection Office.

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